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On Sale | 美国花旗参, 西洋参片 4安士 x 4礼盒包装. Hand Selected American Wisconsin Ginseng Slice. Boosts Immunity and Energy.


Product of American Wisconsin Ginseng










调节内分泌、 缓解压力、 抗疲劳、清热降火、 调节血压、 降血糖、提高心血管功能、 改善睡眠、 促进性机能、养颜抗衰、 防治慢性疾病、增强免疫力、预防感冒、 手术后复元、 抑制癌细胞




* 切片含化,或直接用沸水或茶水冲泡后服用。

* 煮、炖、蒸食均可。或煲汤时加入1/3 至 1/4 oz 的参节或参片,滋补健身。











About American Wisconsin Ginseng Slice

• HEALTH INGREDIENT: ZEN GINSENG’s hand selected American Wisconsin Ginseng is well know for its rich flavor, nature aromatic taste and traditional health benefits. Moreover, our high-quality ginseng is great for hot ginseng tea and cooking with delicious ginseng chicken soup.


• ANTIOXIDANT BENEFIT: Our Wisconsin ginseng is a best rich source in antioxidants that can help you stay energetic and immunity! It's a super food for boost energy and stamina for men and women. American ginseng specifically helps to reduce fatigue associated with stress. As an adaptogen, this means that American ginseng can help bring energy levels back into balance, supporting healthy day time energy needs. American ginseng is a key ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine


• NATURAL CULTIVATION: American Ginseng also known as Panax Quinquefolius is an herb that grows mainly in North America, our ginseng farm is located at centre of Wisconsin, it’s recognized as the ginseng capital of the world. Wisconsin ginseng is world-renowned for its excellence. Consumers all over the world specifically demand Wisconsin ginseng because they know it is the best.


• HEALTHY DIET: Add ginseng to food and cooking. American ginseng is also known as a good traditional health supplement for our body. It can lower blood sugar, cholesterol, carbohydrates and sugar.


• 100% SATISFACTION: ZEN GINSENG’s Hand-selected American Ginseng is amazing and we know you'll love it. We want you to be fully satisfied! That’s why we back every order with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so you can shop with confidence. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product purchased by, you can return or replace the product within 30 days after delivery. We require the product to be in a new condition, unopened packaging and full original label.